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nice af photos

03.07.11 09:12a
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Hey I did the same thing. WTF is with P diddy and the crew as character photos.  I guess that is a Joe thing.  I might as well find a shaved puss and post it up.

NowIgetit.  That was Tiger Woods the golfer.  Boo!  I dont like golfing faggots.  I can buy a better jacket from starter.


I would get all the pussy anyways with a one handed backhand swing.  Happy gilmore style.  Tennis anyone?

meh I'll just talk shit until someone cancels my nnclan account.

The golf club makes a better sword than a sports tool anyways.  Feel my rage!
I'd rather be playing baseball.
I hate golf because it has more rusty metal in it than the bermuda triangle. 
Code Red.   Taser time! Wheee.  5.0 electroshock therapy. 
I have seen metro, the sheriff (I think), and some US marshals.  Yay.  I just need to wear some leather for my cowboy ways.
BTW never piss off a sargent.  Piss off a private or a leutenant.  Sargents can order both to shoot.  Damn I though they were just a bunch of security guards on 9 dollars an hour.

I would never work with British Knighthood on the green turf.  That is a CIA thing.

I wonder why Obama was not invited to any royal weddings. har har har and a YAR!!
...enough of my penscripting rage.

have a good day.

04.12.11 01:50p

Wish Granted

OK. nnclan account cancelled. Why would you purposely state your intentions to annoy people? Tolerance threshold surpassed.
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